Friday, October 7, 2011

Kardashian Sisters Cover Lucky Magazine

Kim Kourt and Khloe all grace separate covers for Lucky magazine's November issue. Inside the sisters all talk about fame, fashion, and their different personalities.
"Kim is the poll taker," Khlo√© retorts. "She asks every person in the room what color shoes she should wear and then chooses the ones she wanted to wear. And I am like, 'Then why the fuck did you ask me?' "
 Lol, Miranda and I do this ALL the time..

Read more about them in Lucky, the issue is already out on stands! 

Which cover is your favorite? I love Kourtney's the best! 

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  1. I like Kourtney's cover the best too. But then again she is my favorite Kardashian sister style wise so I may be a tad biased. LOL