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Nine West Vintage America collection

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kick Ash! Body Butters and Balms for the Winter Season

The temperature has dropped to damn near freezing, so that means dry, itchy skin is here...but that doesn't mean it has to stay! Love indulging in hot showers to keep warm/? Well, this dries out the skin tremendously so it's even more imperative to moisturize daily. For those who have naturally dry skin, see your dermatologist who can prescribe medicated creams or lotions for your sensitive skin.
Below are some fantastic products that will give your skin that beautiful glow!

****BEAUTY TIP:*****
Add a little bronzer to your cream or lotion for a faux sun-kissed shimmer. Who says you can't glow in the winter?!

Be sure to moisturize daily and throughout the day because the skin absorbs lotions and creams fairly quickly. If you over active oil glands (oily skin) it may be best to use a fast-absorbing lotion. Nevertheless, always take care of your can get damaged easily from the everyday elements.

Steaming is also a great way to bring the moisture back to your skin. Most spas and salons offer this service, but it can be pretty pricey per session...depending on the salon you visit.

Glow on!

Music Video: Pink "Try"

Pink is back on the music scene and she is bringing it...untamed!!! Keeping true to her notorious punk-rocker persona, the sassy new mom reveals a somewhat vulnerable, yet live-and-learn maturity on her most recent album, "The Truth About Love." I downloaded the album on iTunes and I do love each track mostly because of her lyrical raw-ness.  Although the singer has been pretty open about her unstable relationship with husband Carey Hart, Pink reveals the growing pains with a relationship, and that making mistakes is normal. I think we can all take some pointers from that.

Lyrically, I think Pink has matured on this album because she sings from a place of pain, truth, happiness, and love...instead of the total bad ass don't-mess-with me message from her previous albums. Seems like she is in a great place and it definitely shows...physically (her body is redic!!!) and lyrically. "The Truth About Love" is certainly her best album yet!

If you guys haven't seen her video for "Try"...WOW is all I  have to say. Clearly this video tells a compelling story of a tumultuous relationship between two lovers who constantly hurt each other, yet end up pulling each other right back in. Love so deep it's dangerous!

She performed the song live on the American Music Awards and pretty much murdered it. This performance made me feel so out of shape!


Birthday Bang-in': FLOTUS Michelle Obama's New Haircut


The always regal (and ever-changing style chameleon) First Lady Michelle Obama debuted a new haircut on her birthday...just a few days before President Obama's inauguration. FLOTUS was snapped with the new 'do in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House with David Hall, a citizen co-chair of Monday's inauguration ceremonies. This is a drastic difference from her more demure hairstyles - usually a shoulder-skimming, face framing bob with the perfect amount of volume and shine. This lady's hair is forever and always LAID!!! I need her stylist like asap!! lol

I'm on the fence with this style, probably because it takes away from her gorgeous face. Maybe I'm just so used to her wearing hairstyles that expose her face. Nevertheless, change is always good so I respect Mrs. O for stepping outside of her hair box and pushing the envelope. She is, in fact, a style icon whether we want to label her as such or not. She's got style and grace, and is the Fist Lady of the United Statesssss! So, for that, I she still gets the MYLM stamp of approval. You go, Mrs. O!

To honor the First Lady on her big day, Beyonce posted a beautiful Instagram note to wish Michelle Obama a happy birthday:


Fun Ways to Tie Head Wraps

Hey Fashionistas,
Head wraps, head scarves, turbans - whatever you want to call them... they're all so fabulous!! I love love LOVE head wraps (as you can see above I love my green satin scarf lol) because they are the perfect statement piece to any outfit and can be tied in so many ways to achieve cute and funky looks. I immediately think of June Ambrose when it comes to the head wrap trend...she KILLS it every time and usually completes her look with an outfit that is just as fierce. The best way to complete your head wrap is with pretty makeup...I prefer a bold lip and lashes or big shades! If your turban is printed, skip the lip and just do the lashes to bring an extra pop to your eyes. Either way, have fun with it! There are so many creative ways to tie your turban, so get in front of the mirror and go for it!

Head wraps are also a great way to hide bad hair days!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Hi, 2013, but before I can fully dive into you musically, I have to talk about the best rap and hip-hop albums and mixtapes of 2012. I'll cover everything from potential classic mixtapes, the undisputed album of the year and even my favorite ratchet tunes throughout. Also, if you're not familiar with my work, I like to rank albums, but more so put them in tiers. Sure, you can argue with me that one album is better than another in the same tier but may have a lower ranking. However, if one album is in the top tier (Penthouse) and another in a lower one (midrise), you missed the whole argument buddy. With no further or due, lets break down the criteria first. Meet the Pinnacle.

Imagine a city full of clubs, bars, restaurants, movie theatres and buildings, etc. In this city lies one lonely skyscraper-sized building fill of hungry, underground and established rappers. The name of the apartment is the Pinnacle. Here at the Pinnacle, rappers housing is determined by their album and/or mixtape. The better the mixtape, the higher you live. The Pinnacle is broken down into four levels.

Before I set up the levels, let me tell you more about the Pinnacle. Its leasing manager is the Internet, who’s boss is the developer and investor of the building, The Suits. The Suits never visit the Pinnacle but keep their eyes close on it through the Internet. At the Pinnacle they have a 24-hour concierge front desk which rotates between your favorite DJ. Whether, it’s Funkmaster Flex, DJ Drama or the ever annoying DJ Khaled. The janitor and custodial work is handled by The Streets. They know all the inner workings to the building and its little dirty secrets. The Streets and the Internet have a close relationship. Internet just happens to receive more credibility. Now, that you know the setup and people working inside the Pinnacle, let’s head to its floors.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEW VIDEO: B.o.B. Ft. T.I. x Juicy J “We Still In This Bitch”

 B.o.B. teamed up with other Southern Hip-Hop extraordinaire's T.I. and Juicy J for the visual for "We Still In This Bitch". This track definitely would sound GOOD in the club or car with some heavy bass! And for those that didn't know, B.o.B. has a mix-tape out circulating the waves.

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Last Friday my pals and I made an appearance at the "Back to Reality" event thrown by MGM International and P. by Porgie. Check out the pics we took and ladies that BROUGHT IT MYLM STYLE!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See you guys at the next event! And I'll have my camera ready so ya'll betta BRING IT!

New Music: Justin Timberlake x Jay-Z “Suit & Tie”

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We've all been waiting for new music from Justin Timberlake! And after his 7 year music hiatus it has finally arrived! His upcoming album The 20/20 Experience will be entirely produced by Timbaland. Check out his new single featuring Jay Z "Suit & Tie".


You guys feelin' the track? What about HOV's verse? 


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I posted "Soft" by Juelz featuring some of Hip-Hops greatest MC's last week as a preview of his new mixtape. And finally, we get to cop a listen to the full Juelz Santana mixtape "God Will'N". I was asked to listen to give my personal opinion.. and for you hip-hop fans out there I suggest you do the same thing too! 

Full track list!

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The annoyingly crazy beautiful Rihanna covered Complex mag's February/March issue.
Check out the many pics she took to honor her 7 albums plus some Polaroid's and selfies she took herself!

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On her new album "Unapologetic"
Last November, Rihanna reached another career milestone when Unapologetic became her first album to debut at No. 1 in the US. “When I was making this record I had no intention except the truth,” she says. “So whatever is there is real. It’s raw. That’s why the album is called Unapologetic.” Not that she was apologetic in the past, but this time she says she dug deeper. “I held back before. I didn’t show a lot of myself. I was very guarded,” she says. “I needed to be open and free and fearless. Basically say, ‘Fuck it.’ What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll hate me? They’ve done that before.”
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Head over to Complex for the full exposure cover story!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Halle Berry's Pure Perfection at Golden Globes 2013

Soooo..if you know me, you know that I am a STAN of Halle Berry. This woman is sickeningly gorgeous and what makes her so beautiful, is that her style is sophisticated and sexy, yet understated. She has a cool, laid back sophistication that, in my opinion, makes her stand out from other super-glamorized celebrities. At this year's Golden Globe Awards, she certainly brought sexy back...again! She wore a pink one shoulder, soft pink printed Versace gown with a slit all the way to her hip. She accentuated her killlerrrrr legs with nude pointed toe pumps. Simple geometric earrings and bangles completed her look. As usual, natural makeup and spiked hair was the icing on her fabulous cake.

Image: Getty

MY GOD...does this woman age?! Some fashion critics were on the fence with this look, saying that the abstract floral print was too tropical for this awards ceremony. But with a body like this, Halle can do no wrong lol. She looks fab!