Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miranda's Vintage Jewelry Haul

Hola Chicas!
So I hit up some flea markets, thrift stores, and consignment shops a few weeks ago just to browse, but of course I found all types of baubles and eye-popping goodies!!! Jewelry and leopard print are 2 major things I can't do without LOL...and I have a serious thing for big chunky, statement necklaces. They are such a fun way to play up your outfit without being overdone. When you don't feel like dressing up outfit too much, just throw on a statement necklace and you are instantly put together and dressed up! Funky, bold jewelry should always be the talking piece...leave everything else neutral.

You wouldn't believe how much I paid for some of these pieces....literally. Some of the best jewelry is in thrift and flea markets...just make sure you clean all pieces with alcohol before wearing. The pieces are great, but the prices are even better!! I paid $2 for the patterned earrings!

My FAVORITE piece! $25 at Pretty People Vintage

$3 at Value Village



$8 at Flea Market in Clinton, MD

$2 at Georgia Ave Flea Market!

A gift from Bintu HoneyB

This isn't anywhere near the amount of jewelry I have in my collection..just a few fun pieces I thought I'd share with you guys. Feel free to visit any of the above mentioned stores to grab some fabulous finds!


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