Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Music: Nicki Minaj "Beez in the Trap"

It's Barbie Bitch aka Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz have teamed up for "Beez in the Trap" video. I love this song...the beat and lyrics are catchy and Nicki reminds us all that even though her most current music is pop-ish, her roots are still from the hood lol. In the video, she is in the strip club wearing next to nothing...in a cut-out leopard catsuit and red pumps. I gotta admit, the catsuit is cute and it works for her, but did we expect  to see her in anything less revealing and second skin?? #justsayin. The video is typical, but the song makes up for it. Check it.


1 comment:

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