Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Video: Nicki Minaj "Pound the Alarm"

Barbz is still making her Euro-pop music...she must be bringing in some serious cash with these party vibes. We all know Nicki Minaj for her raunchy and gritty lyrics, mostly accompanied by heavy-based beats. Although she reverts back to these street anthems from time to time (Beez in the Trap) she's been riding the wave of pop/techno music. I'm not mad at her though...even though her new lyrics are a bit bland and lacking in substance, she's just another artist who is branding herself and her empire, and branching out to various audiences. For celebrities, this is critical in maintaining the longevity of their career and staying relevant in the media.

I actually like this video and song. In the Carnival-themed video, she takes her fans back to her hometown of Port of Spain, Trinidad. In true Nicki fashion, she and her backup dancers are dressed in near-to-nothing  sexy carnival-inspired costumes sashaying down the streets filled with mobs of people and party-goers. This is a cute side of Nicki that usually isn't portrayed in her raw, hard-core rap videos. It's colorful, fun, and filled with energy...everything that Nicki is known for. She gets the MYLM stamp of approval!

What do you guys think?

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  1. Great post booski :* I like the video.. we should gig to it in our next video :)