Friday, July 27, 2012

Vanessa Simmons Launches New Swimsuit Line

Those Simmons girls are always up to something! This go around Vanessa has launched her own swimwear collection, Rose by Vanessa Jean, which was featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. I must admit these are some pretty daring and sexy designs, and it definitely defines the sisters' style: funky, sexy, and classic. The collection can be appreciated because of their unique geometric cuts, fabric choices, and beading details. Perhaps these looks are just for show to look cute on the beach lol. They're fun, sexy, and not your ordinary bikinis, which makes them all the more appealing. All her models are gorgeous (of course) and range in body size and type, ethnicity, and heights. I LOVE it all!

Not sure where to buy her pieces, but if you visit her follow her on her social networking sites, I'm sure she'll keep us in the know!
Angela was spotted rocking one of Vanessa's cute!

Check out some highlights from the show!

Do we love her designs?


  1. Wow these are super unique. I applaud her for stepping outside of the box and doing something fresh and new.