Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is Rihanna wrong for Waking and Baking?

Now now now Rihanna.. we all know you don't give a flying fluck about what people or the media think about you. But c'mon son.. out in the open tho? You my friend are not Wiz Khalifa. Yes, Rihanna can enjoy a blunt anytime she wants to, we are not knocking her for that, but let's remember how she has endorsement and campaign deals. She honestly can not afford to start looking like a marijuana head and forget about the other green that comes into her pockets. Duh!

Lol.. she even lit up twice for the paps...

Lol and smh at the same damn time!

All I'm saying is.. Rihanna you my dear are a public figure with a brand and image to protect.. I mean if you don't care then hey that's your prerogative. But next time, let's start giving a fluck? No?

This gets me to asking ya'll.. has the media turned marijuana into a glorified drug? It's damn near legal in a few states.

  • Yes, she needs to protect her image!
  • No, everyone does it. Why can't she. It's her business!
  • Yes, but it's Rihanna, the girl got issues!
  • Hmm....yes and no. She should just go inside and light up.

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  1. I'm just surprised! Not that it's right or wrong but because she's a singer...she needs to keep her lungs and throat in tip top shape! I'd think inhaling any kind of smoke could potentially hurt her career...