Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Ways to Tie Head Wraps

Hey Fashionistas,
Head wraps, head scarves, turbans - whatever you want to call them... they're all so fabulous!! I love love LOVE head wraps (as you can see above I love my green satin scarf lol) because they are the perfect statement piece to any outfit and can be tied in so many ways to achieve cute and funky looks. I immediately think of June Ambrose when it comes to the head wrap trend...she KILLS it every time and usually completes her look with an outfit that is just as fierce. The best way to complete your head wrap is with pretty makeup...I prefer a bold lip and lashes or big shades! If your turban is printed, skip the lip and just do the lashes to bring an extra pop to your eyes. Either way, have fun with it! There are so many creative ways to tie your turban, so get in front of the mirror and go for it!

Head wraps are also a great way to hide bad hair days!!

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