Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kick Ash! Body Butters and Balms for the Winter Season

The temperature has dropped to damn near freezing, so that means dry, itchy skin is here...but that doesn't mean it has to stay! Love indulging in hot showers to keep warm/? Well, this dries out the skin tremendously so it's even more imperative to moisturize daily. For those who have naturally dry skin, see your dermatologist who can prescribe medicated creams or lotions for your sensitive skin.
Below are some fantastic products that will give your skin that beautiful glow!

****BEAUTY TIP:*****
Add a little bronzer to your cream or lotion for a faux sun-kissed shimmer. Who says you can't glow in the winter?!

Be sure to moisturize daily and throughout the day because the skin absorbs lotions and creams fairly quickly. If you over active oil glands (oily skin) it may be best to use a fast-absorbing lotion. Nevertheless, always take care of your can get damaged easily from the everyday elements.

Steaming is also a great way to bring the moisture back to your skin. Most spas and salons offer this service, but it can be pretty pricey per session...depending on the salon you visit.

Glow on!

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