Saturday, January 19, 2013

Music Video: Pink "Try"

Pink is back on the music scene and she is bringing it...untamed!!! Keeping true to her notorious punk-rocker persona, the sassy new mom reveals a somewhat vulnerable, yet live-and-learn maturity on her most recent album, "The Truth About Love." I downloaded the album on iTunes and I do love each track mostly because of her lyrical raw-ness.  Although the singer has been pretty open about her unstable relationship with husband Carey Hart, Pink reveals the growing pains with a relationship, and that making mistakes is normal. I think we can all take some pointers from that.

Lyrically, I think Pink has matured on this album because she sings from a place of pain, truth, happiness, and love...instead of the total bad ass don't-mess-with me message from her previous albums. Seems like she is in a great place and it definitely shows...physically (her body is redic!!!) and lyrically. "The Truth About Love" is certainly her best album yet!

If you guys haven't seen her video for "Try"...WOW is all I  have to say. Clearly this video tells a compelling story of a tumultuous relationship between two lovers who constantly hurt each other, yet end up pulling each other right back in. Love so deep it's dangerous!

She performed the song live on the American Music Awards and pretty much murdered it. This performance made me feel so out of shape!


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