Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Chichia London

London based designer Christine Mhando, originally from Tanzania, introduces us to the East-African fabric known as the khanga. Tribal print is a major trend right now and Christine Mhando's collection offers bright colorful pieces mixed with lace, animal print, and stripes for an eclectic exotic look.

I have tons of khanga being from Kenya and having family from Tanzania. Women wear the khanga as wraps or skirts. Christine uses this in her collection in the form of tops, tunics, dresses or skirts mixed with various different types of fabrics and prints. 

Christine's line is influenced by both Africa and the UK. She has taken influences from both continents and cultures and translated them into her own unique quirky style of clothing.

Read more about Chichia London here.

Amazing line! I love how all her pieces have such a classic and timeless look.

What do you ladies think?


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