Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cassie for Blank Magazine

Carol's Daughter spokeswoman and model, use to be an okay R&B singer, Cassie just took some amazing photo's for the July 2011 issue of BLANK Magazine. From cool sneaks, sexy lingerie, and that shaved head of hers, Cassie tells Blank that if she wasn't a performer, she would be a chef or museum owner.. Interesting.

More pictures after the jump..

On shaving her head: "My hair wasn’t a risk to me. I just did it. Loved it, still love it actually. And am I a risk taker?! You gotta live, no risk no reward. Life is boring if you paint inside the lines".

 So she's coming out with an album and says all the details are top secret. Hmmm *tries to remember last Cassie single* ... snooooze. She just needs to stick to modeling, she's great at that! 

Pretty girl, not gonna hate. What do you guys think?


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