Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dave Theory

Hey World,

So we haven't posted on relationship and dating. but we have included a few quotes here and there. Yvonne and I were talking to a guy we know about sex and relationships and he came up with this factual theory on the relationship game between men and women....we call it the Dave Theory.

So the Dave Theory has been proven to be very accurate, especially among women (and maybe some men). Yvonne and I couldn’t believe our ears, being that this was coming from a guy and he knew exactly how we felt!!

Normally, one would think that being in a physical relationship should have all the perks: good sex, good mental stimulation between parties, mutual support and friendship. However, some women fall victim to a man’s “game” and how he lures women with his overall physical appearance and manipulative personality. It’s inevitable; we have all played this fool sometime in our lives. So what ends up happening is the man has full control over our physical and mental beings, and we are left so amazed and mesmerized and wrapped up in this “spell” that we have no self control. As a result, the man is now satisfied that his spell has worked and we are now trapped. At this point, because he has complete control over us, he takes complete advantage of it…and not in a good way. Now comes the good part:

WOW! We are in such a trance, that nothing else matters. We tend to put everything that doesn’t involve him on the back burner. We tend to stop going out with our girlfriends because we want to see and be around him. We start skipping out on things we would normally do because we are caught in the spell. Unfortunately, we are too head over heels to even notice that he doesn’t care much about our feelings because if he did, he would show more responsibility, we wouldn’t be so wrapped in our own feelings, we would be in a committed relationship by now! The funny part about it all is that some women think they are in love with these guys, when it’s pure lust. The guy tells us that they don’t want to be in a relationship because they aren’t ready and they need time…but you have time to sex me and play with my mind right? Of course! These are the excuses they use to keep us from going astray.

Sexually, we play the victim. Point blank. We are already in head high water for this guy and the sex is just the sweet, finger-licking icing on the cake of this “relationship.” Although sex is healthy in any relationship, it should never be abused. And in these instances, it usually ends up being the primary perk of the “relationship” which turns out to be healthy because we tend to start feeling like that’s all we are: a romp in the sack. Sad but true, the men are content; they are getting what they want sexually and sonically wallowing in their satisfaction that they have you mentally trapped. And sexually, it’s probably the best we’ve ever experienced because we are so in lust, we automatically think it feels right. But it’s wrong…everything is wrong and unhealthy! After all is said and done, after we play the fool for far too long, after we stop listening to our girlfriend’s advice of how he’s not good for us, after we should have moved on to something better and healthier for us…. it’s too late. Our feelings have already been hurt from playing the victim. We are unsatisfied with being his temporary lover. We are just plain tired of it all. The sex is good, but we need more than just that. And better.

We then have a silent moment: Welcome to reality! Time to move on! Time to free ourselves of the frustration and prolonged “relationship” that will never amount to anything. That will never make us completely happy. And in the end all we can do is shake our heads, because it wasn’t anybody else’s fault that we felt like this, but ours. We were just too na├»ve to know the value of REAL love…….


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  1. I just got out of a situation like this, except I knew what it was & still continued whereas he tried to convince me that it was more than it really was; pure unadulterated lust. Gave him the deuces once I got my groove back :)