Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angela Simmons set to Launch Clothing Line "Angela Renee"

Fashionista and business woman Angela Simmons is reported to be branching off from her and sister Vanessa's "Pastry" line to do some solo work. She is in the works to create her own clothing line with the help of designer Juan Vargas. She says the line is inspired by her own thoughts and ideas.

She tweeted this picture showing off one of the designs

"Angela Renee" drops in 2012. Are you guys excited? I'm ready to see what she has to offer! Honestly, I never cared too much for the Pastry line so I'm hoping this collection is more wearable. 

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  1. I love Angela Simmon's style ... she's one of my top style ladies.... Can't wait for her line to drop!! yay!