Friday, September 16, 2011

Leather, Leather Everywhere!

Source: Ultimate Ciara
Ciara wearing this Fall's sexy trend: $990 Rag & Bone Leather pants

Celebs everywhere have been spotted wearing this Fall's sexy trend: Leather pants. Although it's not super new to the fashion scene, leather is popular in all facets from skirts, to jackets, pants and leggings. I personally would opt for a tight fit, which shows off the figure and looks sleek, instead of baggy or loose fitting which can disguise your silhouette.

Real leather can be pretty pricey, so there's nothing wrong with going for faux...just make sure you pair it with other quality garments, such as a nice blazer or sweater, a killer shoe, or even a fabulous bag!

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Rihanna in Joseph leather Nappa jogging pants

Beyonce looking radiant in Michael Kors leather and jersey gown

Not loving Alicia's look that she rocked to Alexander Wang's Fashion Week  show...looks cheesy and unthoughtful to say the least. The side hair is a bit extreme, might I add. And I won't get on Swizzy's all black look with these grandpa loafers...*sigh*


  1. Lol...I am a BIG fan of the leather..I've gotten a couple of pieces myself for the Fall....

  2. I deleted part of my post..smh! I was lol @ your comment regarding Swizz Beatz...and yes i agree wholeheartedly regarding A.Keys look! Def. not feeling it! From the hair on....

  3. Yeppers alicia failed!

    Luv leather but only when I am wearing my chaps. My thighs are ugly!