Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Event: The BlaqOut LIVE Radio Show!!!

Hey World!
Yvonne and I would like to invite all of our readers and followers who live in the Washington, DC metro area to support our new radio show, The BlaqOut Show, LIVE at Bar 7 on Wednesday, Jan 11 from 5-9pm!! There will be food and drink specials.....$5 drink specials, $3 Heineken's, $25 open wine bar with food platters.
 Our segment is aptly called "The Bourgie Report" (lol) and we talk about everything fashion and entertainment related, putting our own spin on it. This week we are discussing:

"The Bucket List Before Marriage: Living Life to the Fullest Before 'I DO'?"

Ever wanted to go to an exotic island and climb a waterfall? Ever wanted to bungee jump or sky dive? Visit one continent a year? Travel to a distant country and be a "local" for a day?  Time to do make that list of all the stuff you've ever wanted to do...and DO IT!For those who aren't yet married or don't have children, let 2012 be the start of an amazing year for you...personally, professionally, mentally, financially, and even sexually!

We want your feedback on what you would like to accomplish before you walk down the aisle, because after the "I DO" and kids, it's often a .................... flat line! If you can't make it to Bar 7, tweet us @TheBlaqOutShow or @MYLifestyleMude  to tell us some of your life list dreams!!

Check out the following sites to help inspire and motivate you to start checking off your life list.


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