Monday, February 13, 2012

New Music: Melanie Fiona's "Wrong Side of a Love Song"

Melanie Fiona is such an unsung artist who needs more shine for her vocal talents. I love her voice and her music because it's real and comes from the heart. I just had to post this beautiful melody, "Wrong Song of a Love Song," from Melanie's new cd which hasn't yet been released. I love Melanie's soulful vocals and her lyrics are so passionate and beautiful...and my gawwddd this girl can SANG! I'm not sure if she was ever hurt or done wrong in her day, but from the way she sings from her soul,  I'm sure any girl who is going through tough times can relate. Love this song, Melanie!

The song is about a relationship gone wrong, but she tries to be move on and play it cool. In the end, she ends up playing herself and realizing that she can't move on because she still loves her partner and needs him back in her life. So she is stuck wondering why she is the one singing the love song...

Sing it girl!!!

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