Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kim K's Bootylicious Blue Leather Skirt

Kimmy Kakes Kardashian was seen spotted in Miami wearing this *cough* too tight multi-blue hued get up. We all know Kim K is  has the curvaceous body to pull off just about anything, but she totally missed the mark here. I'm so disappointed in you, Kimmy! Her outfits are usually always on point...not this one. Wearing fitted clothing all the time can get a little old, especially when you don't change it up here and there. Anyway, Kim wore a J. Crew jean button down shirt and a striking blue Malene Birger Annagria leather skirt...pairing her ensemble with these drool-worthy Tom Form padlock pumps (yum!).

I do love the skirt, just not this color. Kimmy, girl you know you are too booty-licious for this skirt! From all the wrinkles and ruching, this skirt is entirely too tight and skank-tastic!! However, the shirt is cool..unbuttoned just enough for a little sexy peek-a-boo. The shoes are to die for, but they're not right for this outfit. I mean, this outfit is not right for this outfit lol.

What are you guys' thoughts?


  1. I like the outfit but I think the skirt is one size too almost looks as if its going to rip when she walks.


  2. *cue "I don't think you ready for this Jelly" end cue* LMAO