Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rihanna's Album Cover: UNAPOLOGETIC

The cat is out the bag...Rihanna has revealed her album cover to the world, aptly titled, "UNAPOLOGETIC." Interesting choice of cover art here. She's naked (typical) with various words strategically placed over her newly tattooed body describing herself, her music, and her new album. This is traditional Rih Rih. However, I was kind of hoping for something a little different, as far as the image on the cover. Not sure when the album drops. but I like her new single "Diamonds" because it's not super raunchy and sexed out like everything else she sings. It has a vulnerable, romantic theme to it which makes it enjoyable, especially coming from Rihanna. Nevertheless, she is always making tongues wag, so I'll give it to her for her fearlessness and determination to stay waaayyyy outside of the box. You get em, Rih Rih!

UNAPOLOGETIC...served up Rihanna style

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