Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello fellas! We seem to leave you guys out when posting but hopefully this post will bring you guys back (as if you ever stopped coming hehehe) Anyway, wherever you are in the world you must prepare for the chill Fall weather, whilst staying fly of course. I've rounded up some of the most important trends to keep in mind while getting ready to brave the chills. With the the help of are some guides.

The driver hat/cap is a great alternative to the snapback and come in a variety of textures and prints. The blue/indigo shirt is the new "chambray" shirt that was popular last Fall, it's new now because it's office appropriate! The puffer vest is an important staple, it can be dressed down with a hoody or up layered with a knit sweater.

The three-piece suit needs to be in every mans closet, keep it tailored and your fabrics simple. Cable knit sweaters are a good way to keep warm without having to put on a hoody, I mean look at Kanye! Bomber jackets are classic, leather or nylon, your choice!

The loden green is the new "army green", as GQ describes it as a "grayish shade of green". This neutral shade goes with just about anything you already own. The rubber sole sneaker is the sneaker every man needs. Why, well.. it can be worn casually or with a suit. GQ states that the white soles give the shoes some visual heft that anchor any look. Lastly, The slim cut polka dot tie is a funky staple that must be worn against a simple solid dress shirt.

Hope this helps you fellas! Now, you have another reason to keep coming back :)

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