Friday, December 14, 2012

Game's "Jesus Piece" Album Review

After a hiatus from the music scene, Game returns to the studio (and television - Marrying the Game) with the release of Jesus Piece, his fifth and final studio album on Interscope records. Don’t let the album title fool you, this is not a gospel album. Game sticks to his regular subject matter— mainly name-dropping every rapper or brand name he can think of— but adds wild card comedian Kevin Hart for comic relief on skits.

Most rappers are afraid to feature artists on their projects for fear of being outshone, but as we have come to know, Game is not your average or typical rapper. Every track except “Heavens Arms” has a featured artist. Instead of taking the backseat to lyrically respected artists like Rick Ross, Pusha-T, and Lil’ Wayne, Game steps up to the challenge and delivers some of his most memorable bars in years. Even with improved lyricism, it’s his one-of-a-kind delivery that makes him shine.
He’s at his best on cuts such as “Ali Bomaye,” “Pray,” and “All That,” growling without conscious over menacing trunk bangers. Game has never come off as an emotionally-sensitive rapper, but more so the say-as-want lyricist. However, on “Can’t Get Right,” and “Freedom,” its sounds as though he desires more recognition for his talents from fans and peers. On "Can't Get Right" he confidently raps, “Finally got the crown/this motherfucker meant for me.” On “Can’t Get Right,” his tone changes, “Funny how you do your top 5′s and don’t mention me.”
Despite veering off topic a few times, Game’s great production and song concepts let him shine bright like a brand new diamond-studded Jesus piece. The album won’t get played in church, but it might be the on the new playlist before and after service.
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~Shyaam Simpson

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