Friday, June 3, 2011

Keri Hilson Gets Bright and Striped

Hey Yall!

Miss Keri Baby was spotted leaving the Mayflower Hotel in London wearing this interesting, but cute outfit...consisting of a bright yellow cut-out blouse, metallic bra, and striped high waiste pencil skirt. Can't forget her poppin' pink lipstick which is fab! I actually like it because it's edgy, sexy, but still stylish. She's been wearing some side eye outfits lately, but this one fits her style. Idk, she seems to be screaming for attention these days, so some of her outfits are better than others.

The bra kinda throws me off, but it still works for some reason...Keri wears what she wants and she seems damn comfortable in her skin. Soooo, for that....Can't get mad at her!

These shoes are SICK

Fly chic nonetheless...
Your thoughts??

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