Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keyshia Dior's Lipstick Line KA'OIR

Hey Beauties,

The video vixen turned entrepreneur Keyshia Dior has her own line of in-your-face lipsticks and glosses, called KA'OIR which have a rainbow of colors, including whites and glitter colors. I must admit, I have worn blue lipstick out before...when I was bartending and I got soooooooo many compliments on it! I wore it with a long black maxi dress and feather earrings!

I am actually feeling all of these colors. The line in unique with an array of colors for that girl who loves to live and dress outside of the box. Some of these colors aren't for the safe at heart, but I wouldn't recommend it for the office lol!

She's a pretty girl and all, but this turquoise is a bit much with this hot Versace dress...giirrrrl! I would have worn a darker blue.

Celebs rockin colored lips:

Amber Rose



Angel Lola Love


What do you guys think???

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