Monday, November 28, 2011

Beyonce Dances For You

All the Beyonce stans (including Yvonne hehehe) are probably drooling over Beyonce's new video for "Dance for You." She is such a beautiful woman and inspiration to everyone, including myself. Gotta love this video though, from the dress to the garter to the gyrations and that sexy hair!! I'm sure every woman is going to learn to perfect these moves for her man!! I aint mad atcha!

I personally think that every woman should put on a show for her it in any way. Catering to our men is healthy... it makes them feel good and let's them know they are loved and appreciated. BUT make sure your man is giving and showing you the same love. There's nothing worse than a one-way street in a relationship. So ladies, let this be your motivation to spice things up!!!


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