Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Makes You Feel Sexy??

All Things Sexy

Hey guys and gals!

So this is a special post. It's an ode to what makes you feel beautiful, confident, and most importantly...Sexy!! Every woman loves to feel her best, be it in what she wears, how she smells, her work ethic, and her success. I personally believe what's outside ultimately makes you feel good within. It may be opposite for others, but this is my post...and I saw what I wanna! LOL

According to Webster's dictionary...
SEXY (seksi; adjective):
* provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest
* interesting, exciting, or trendy

Here's my questionnaire:

What piece of do I feel sexiest in?
Great fitting jeans

What accessory makes me feel sexy:
SICK high heel...nothing less than 4 inches
Silky robe
Statement necklace

The one pattern that makes me feel sexy:
anything LEOPARD print...anything!!!

My favorite sexiest fabrics:

I feel sexiest when...
I'm doing what I love and being successful at it!

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