Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Eye Creams

Dry skin season is here and that means we need to take care of the skin around our sensitive eye area. African American woman tend to show signs of aging easier because we get dark circles, due to the lack of moisturizing under the eyes. I am a big fan of incorporating eye creams in my skincare and beauty regimen because I need to age gracefully like my idol Halle Berry! LOL. Her skin and body are flawless, and she even has Diabetes, but clearly we can see she goes the extra mile to put  her health first.

Aging is a critical issue in the black female community, so we must take preventative measures to make sure we don't get dark circles and continue to moisturize our faces and our eyes. Some creams can be used before bed at night and some are used during the day before your facial moisturizers. Most eye creams have ingredients that specifically target the delicate under eye area from sagging and turning colors...all while keeping the skin supple and healthy!

I have used all of the creams above, and I have found them to be wonders! Although I don't have dark circles now, I am making sure I never get them!

Try these and see what you think!

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