Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Sh-t Bougie Black Girls Say

Bourgie (according to Urban Dictionary) : Trunication of bourgeoisie. Pronounced "boo-zhee"

adj. To be pretentious in matters of taste or dismissive of other tastes, in a manner that follows a particular middle class mode of thinking. Generally derogatory.

Okay...so we've all been seeing the string of hilarious videos from Sh*t Black Girls Say and Sh*t White Girls Say..to Black Girls (youtube them, I didn't feel like linking ya'll lol).. The latest video from Very Smart Brothas is Sh*t Bougie Black Girls Say. Peep the video below and see if you are bougie..

Miranda and I are bougie or bourgie, however it's spelled, I'll admit that. I like my moscato wine, thai food, and of course have no problem asking a man if he has his passport! *Files Nails*

Lol. are you bou(r)gie bish? Check out the full list of reasons here.

Oh, before I forget. Check out our segment on The Blaqout Radio Show tomorrow 7-9pm. Our segment is called "The Bourgie Report" lol go figure right! Stream us live online at http://elitedcradio.streamon.fm/

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