Monday, September 17, 2012

A Belle In Brooklyn: "Conversations with Belle"

Hey Dolls! If any of you follow and read Essence relationship columnist and life coach Demetria Lucas' relationship and sex blog, A Belle in Brooklyn, she is hosting a webinar titled "Conversations with Belle" on Sept 26 8-9:30pm EST, which will "provide candid advice on discovering your professional niche, building a following for your blog, expanding your brand, improving your social media presence, starting your biz AND MORE. Consider this affordable group coaching seminar the necessary compass to get your professional life headed in the right direction."

How this works:
Each registered participant will submit her query about her career ambitions. During our 90-minute online session, each woman will participate (video optional) in an interactive coaching experience where I will address her specific concern with a personalized answer. Throughout the live event, I’ll deliver solid tips and skills for reaching your professional goals and take follow up questions from participants. The result will be an hour and a half of candid, empowering, and useful advice to get you to the next level in your career or side hustle.

Who CWB is for:
“Conversations with Belle” is a pocketbook-friendly coaching experience designed for ladies who seek quick, but thorough career advice and are comfortable sharing their experiences in a group setting. Private coaching is also available. Please visit for more information.

I LOVE Demetria Lucas and all her endeavours. She has been an inspiration to me and my hustle of becoming an on-air personality. I had the opportunity to meet her at Essence in New York and she truly is an inspiring woman, both professionally and personally. She's from Largo, Md, too! Networking is the best way to get your foot in the door and you meet the most interesting and helpful people along the way.  Like they say, 'It's not all about what you know, but who you know." Although the webinar is $30, it may be a good way to learn more about yourself, your business, and meet some good connects who could possibly have some inside connects to people living your dream.

See whats up!

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