Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MYLM Style: Georgetown Fashion Night Out

Hey Beauties! Hope everyone is doing well and ending the summer off right! It's crazy how the temperature has already began to drop...summer is coming to a fast end. we come!

Yvonne is leaving soon (won't tell you yet where she's going) so we headed to DC's Fashion Night Out in Georgetown with some friends and had a ball! Yvonne and I were a little disappointed by the lack of fashions and fashionable people in the sea of FNO. One would think that any fashionable event would bring out the glamorous and fabulous, but, at this event, that was a mere thought. There were, however, some people who looked the part so we snapped them, but it surely did not meet our expectations. Anywho, we had a good time and were glad we went out to experience it.

We ran into Devon from Fashion Citizen, who is such a doll! He interviewed us on the spot and of course we repped MYLM to the fullest. That video will be another post, so stay tuned!

See! Some people showed their styles, but the ones not here missed the mark! Until next time...MYLM style.

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