Thursday, June 23, 2011

ZARA's Semi Annual Sale - Friday, June 24!!!!

Hey Beauties,

Soooooo, this could be good news and bad news lol. Good news because it's ZARA and it's a SALE. Bad news because who knows what kind of damage can be done to your wallet! I say have fun, but stay on budget and buy essentials (and other cute stuff if you can't part ways from it lol).

The sale includes EVERYTHING -

  • Blazers from $29.99
  • Shoes from $49.99
  • Party dresses from $15.99
  • Sexy skirts from $29.99 
  • Summer Shorts from $15.99 
  • Chic trousers from $29.99 
  • Leather jackets from $69.99
  • Accessories from $12.99
  • Fun t-shirts from $5.99

Have a Ball!

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