Friday, July 15, 2011

MYLM Presents...Mila & Fire Vintage

Hey World,

Mila and Fire are two best friends have a keen eye for eclectic fashion. Swearing by vintage, vintage, vintage, they consider themselves "economic trend destroyers" lol. This is just more the reason why we love them...because they wear what makes them happy and they don't follow every trend that emerges. Their creative style proves that any fab girl can look and feel great with budget pieces. It's all about pairing various pieces to create a masterpiece!
"We understand that everybody is on a budget. Why can't you be fly, sexy, and have amazing clothes without spending your last dime?" ~Fire

Check the interview to find out why...

What is the inspiration behind Mila and Fire Vintage?
The name of our online store originates from our personal alter egos. :-) My online name is Fire, and my partner's name is Mila. We chose to sell vintage and eclectic clothing because that is our personal style. We would never sell a piece we wouldn't wear ourselves. We were always asked to previously do personal shopping and even asked if we would sell some of our clothing. So we decided to share our clothing and styling inspiration with a broader audience. It feels amazing to connect with out women and women with similar fashion ideologies.

You focus alot on vintage...what about this style sparks your creativity?
Vintage is classic and fun. It gives you a wider array of styles and fits, and allows you to play more with your clothing. The best vintage pieces are those you can mix and match with contemporary pieces for a great look. Wearing vintage clothing peaks our creativity not only because the pieces are on-of-a-kind, but because anytime you wear vintage, it feels like you are playing dress. Almost as if you can be completely different people and personalities on any given day. :-)

Are there any fabulous vintage or consignment shops in DC we should know about?
Well I, (Fire) work at Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown. This is an amazing vintage store for staple designer pieces. The boutique is filled with everything from Chanel to Givenchy.

What about your style makes you stand out from the rest?
I think Mila & I really have no limits or boundaries to what we wear. We go into style without inhibitions about how other people will react to or interpret what we wear. One day we may be extremely relaxed in high-waisted jean cut-offs and a vintage tee-shirt, and the next we will rock a completely sheer jumpsuit with stripper heels. One thing I love about Mila is her ability to mix and match any pieces in her wardrobe and look amazing.

What inspires your day to day style?
We are inspired by each other and our close friends. Everyone we surround ourselves with are such individuals. They wear what they want and look amazing doing so.

How would describe DC style? What direction would you say it's going in?
We love DC style. We think it is going in the direction of individuality. Everyone we see is always wearing something unique or seeking these types of pieces. There are parts of DC we feel are very conservative, but we don't venture there. lol

Why should people shop at Mila and Fire Vintage?
People should shop with our store because of our awesome price point. We keep our pieces priced at really economic prices because we too understand wanting to be fashionable on a budget. Why can't you be extremely fly with great staple pieces without spending your last dime. :-)

Any extra info you would like people to know about your business?
We are really excited about some of our new ventures! We will be hosting a trunk show for other local designers in late August and will be sure to send you amazing girls the specifics. If you are a local designer, please feel free to email us at

There you have it, guys!! Visit Mila and Fire Vintage on there blog and shop their amazing site!!!


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