Monday, August 8, 2011

MYLM Man: Christian Louboutin Alfie Sneaker


This post is just for you! So  I know we have been saying that we are going to include you guys in our posts and it hasn't quite happened yet (LOL), but I ran across these new Christian Louboutin Alfie Sneakers and I think they are kinda dope! Made of velvet and patent leather and a buckle on the back etched with CL's signature, with the signature Red Bottom.

For the Fall, I think men should sport them with jeans, scarf, and a jacket. According to Christian Louboutin website, they are on a wait list..(I'm guessing because they are so popular.)  But they are expected to come back out Sept 16, so check back often. Ladies, if you have $1,000 laying around and you want to get your man some kicks...these are cute!

I like the black ones better than the gold ones tho...

What do you guys think??

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