Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is around the corner and I’m sure all of you (myself included) have been trying to think of what you’re going to wear all month. One dilemma that I always find myself in for Halloween, is that if I buy a costume, I will only wear it once. Then I have no use for it once the holiday is over.  So, with the help of American Apparel, I have some costume ideas.  Also, once you’re done dressing up you have separates that can be worn any time of year.







Sports, TV shows, and pop culture are normally your biggest inspirations for Halloween costumes. Luckily you guys can probably find most of what you need right in your own closet. So here are a few costume ideas

Characters from Boardwalk Empire




80's Rapper



Other Costume Tips

Thrift/Vintage Stores

 If your costume is coming from a particular decade. Going to a thrift store can be and easy and inexpensive way to find the things that you need. Vintage stores will also have those authentic things that you are looking for to really complete your costume. Check out Miranda’s post on Best Thrift & Consignment Shops in the DMV for places to look.


Remember to add accessories to your costumes. They will help really pull together the look you're trying to create.

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