Friday, November 18, 2011

Celebrity Style: Some Hits and Misses at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards

Okay, okay, okay.. so maybe I'm just out of the loop but why are they still having the Soul Train Music Awards? Do they even still have the show going on? I'm confused..

Anywayyy... I spotted SOME celebs who walked the red carpet (very hard task) who looked somewhat decent enough to blog about.. Their looks were cute but something about them just made me o_O

Amber Rose is a beautiful girl but I can't get jiggy with this entire look. The pumps are super cute.. now as for the top portion I'm not sure. She could have done better, c'mon boo boo!

Oh Keri.. the fish braid, the gray dress, and leopard wedges..all cute but not well put together. She can never just be well put together.. Who is styling this chick? That fish braid doesn't go with this look smh.

Tamar...the dress would have been cute without the fringe..and her shoe of choice ?? "/ FAIL!

check out more celebs at TheYBF... not even worth puttin' em on here ..

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  1. LOL @ "not even worth puttin em on here". But Keri *sighs* you're too pretty for this. I wanna know who is styling her too so I can slap them upside the head. Who told her that stingy a** braid was hot?! & wrong shoe choice for the dress. I can live with the dress.

    Tamarr that fringe is Messed the whole dress.

    Amber rose look like a grandma w/ that top on. Now you wanna be all covered up huh?