Friday, November 18, 2011

What Makes Me Feel Sexy?

What Makes Me Feel Sexy

Here's the questionnaire:

What piece of clothing do I feel sexiest in?
Great fitting skinny leggings or skinny jeans, lace boy shorts, LBD.

What accessory makes me feel sexy:
SKY HIGH pumps or platforms

The one pattern that makes me feel sexy:
anything LEOPARD print and RED!! Red is my favorite color, even though it's not a pattern I am gonna just leave it in this category!

My favorite sexiest fabrics:
Lace and sheer

I feel sexiest when...
My hair, nails, eyebrows are done (duh). My lipgloss gotta be on and poppin! And perfume smelling good!

But honestly, being sexy comes from within, it's that confidence you feel. It's natural and shouldn't be forced. All the things I mentioned just help bring my sexiness out! *wink*

I kind of took some of Miranda's answers.. I swear she just wants to be like me :) LOL

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