Friday, January 27, 2012

8 Signs The Guy You’re Messing With Is NOT a Grown A** Man

 Hey ladies! I stumbled upon this interesting post on Madame Noire and I just had to share it with you guys. How many times do you say or hear your girls say "I Love a grown a** man!". Who doesn't like them? Who wouldn't want a grown a** man by their side? Let's get some things straight before I list the reasons why your boo just might not so "grown" after all. First, I don' think age equates to being grown. I know some immature men over the age of 30. Second, there really isn't a way to define what "grown" is but there sure is a way to know if he is lacking in his maturity level! Check out my top signs below...

Does he spend the little money he has on junk?

This is one major thing that seriously grinds my gears. What is the serious obsession some men have with copping the latest sneakers..every...single..time? Okay, let's get something straight here.. I love a man who can occasionally throw on a pair of fresh Jordan's with his outfit but if you can't cover all your bills and if you also don't own a decent pair of dress shoes, red flag. If your man is popping all the bottles in the club or getting all the latest video games but can't buy groceries or pay that phone bill, red flag. After a certain age, we should all be making more strides to save and only splurge every once and a while.

He Doesn’t Have Any Real Goals for the Future

Can your man tell you where he sees himself in the next 2-5 years? Does he have a solid plan for his future?  Eh, he wants to be a rapper you say.. NO! Stop it. Women don't like unstable men who don’t seem to be committed to one thing or don’t seem to know where they’re headed, but they want you to go too–maybe. If you ask him the question again and he says he’s still not sure or hasn’t really thought about it, just be sure to take yourself out of those “to come” future plans. 

He Loves to Blame Other People for Everything
Oh he couldn't get that new job because his manager hates him? Dang, his baby mother "trapped" him? Boo hoo sad! Part of being an adult is knowing when to take responsibility for the part you play in things. If everyone else seems to be the problem–the dude he fought at the club, his co-worker, his ex, his mother–then it might just be that he’s in denial of the fact that he could be the real problem. You made your bed boo, lay in it!

He’s Not As Involved With His Kids As He Should Be

If your man has kids and he's not taking care of them like he should be and he's okay with that, red flag. What happens if you guys have children together? Serious problem if he just lets things be the way they are and not try to fix them. Let's just end this ugly cycle. Using angry exes as excuses as to why he doesn’t go around to see his son or claiming you can’t afford to put out that child support because you just don’t have it (but there go those Xbox games!) is played out. How is he gonna be there for you and he can't even take care of his own kids? 

He Constantly Talks About or Does Inappropriate Mess in Public

Major, major, major red flag. Why do you have to discuss sexual encounters in public, the constant yelling and cursing, why? Burping or passing gas without saying excuse me is so immature. This one is pretty self explanatory and you can see where Madame Noire is going with this sign. Your man should respect you and himself at all times. He is a reflection of you when you're not around. Nothing wrong with him grabbing your booty, but he better not do that mess in public!

Read the rest of the signs HERE. I credit this entire post to Madame Noire!

Which gets me to asking you ladies the question of the day...Would you ever tell your girl if her man wasn't good enough for her? Like you just know she deserves better, she doesn't see it right now because she's in the clouds. Would you warn her?  Hmmm...

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