Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Roberto Cavalli's Sexy Fragrance Commercial

OK, so of course me and Yvonne were having a girls night yesterday..and randomly watching "Basketball Wives." The commercial for Roberto Cavalli's "Roberto Cavalli" perfume played and we just stopped in mid air...UMMM, HOT! The video captures the true essence of a Cavalli woman: bold, sexy and confident. Model and actress Elisa Sednaoui was the perfect choice for this video, as she walks seductively through an Italian palace wearing a sexy cut-out maxi dress, flowing hair and confidence like no other! The gold and bronze hues and the tiger following her footsteps makes the video all the more intense and exotic. Cavalli and his team definitely shut down the perfume commercials, even though Beyonce's "Heat" was ultra sexy too! (hehehe)

Haven't smelled the Cavalli perfume yet, but it better be a sexy as this commercial!


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