Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do We Like: Katy Perry's Vera Wang Sheer Dress

Katy Perry aka Miss Smurf made a sheer mistake for Paris Fashion Week in this mint green gathered Vera Wang dress covered by mint green vest (which is very cute by the way). Although she is rocking this Spring's trendy pastel colors, she fell victim to a major wardrobe malfunction while out and about...all for the public to see.

I must say one thing though: Katy sure knows how to pull off the 1950s pin-up sex kitten look very well, which is on full display here from the body to the style of hair and vintage sunglasses. However, she needs to lose the blue hair and choose a more opaque dress or pair a slip under the dress and she would be right on target in this whole outfit!! At least she exactly matched her granny panties to her dress! I give her credit for her confidence to walk out the house like this and still looking somewhat fabulous...smh.

Nonetheless, she is a HOT girl and you gotta give it to her: She takes fashion risks and looks good doing it, no matter in sheer or opaque. LOL.

Soooo... the verdict??

1 comment:

  1. No ma'am! We do not like this look! Lol! I just can't!