Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adiva Naturals Skincare

Now that summer is here, skincare is crucially important in our overall beauty regimens. My coworker introduced me to a new natural, luxury skin therapy line called Adiva Naturals, which uses all natural ingredients to help protect and treat all skin types and textures. From body to hair, Adiva has something for everyone. I tried the Crocodile Killer body cream, made with coconut and lemongrass. It smells like aromatherapy in a jar! Its creamy, smooth, and made specifically for extra extra dry skin. I would  even use this cream as a massage lotion!

Adiva's mission:
Adiva, Arabic for "pleasant" and "gentle", was created as an all-natural alternative to single-purpose products with useless additives. Our creations only enlist the very best natural components and essential oils to ensure beautiful, healthy skin and hair.

If you have problematic skin or just want it to have that summer glow, you need to purchase some products from Adiva!


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