Monday, September 3, 2012

BB Creams: What's the Hype?

Hey Dolls! If you guys are all into beauty and makeup, I'm sure you've been seeing plenty of beauty companies and brands coming out with Beauty Balms or BB Creams....but you might ask, "What's the hype?" These new innovative skincare-meets-makeup is not far fetched from the tinted moisturizer, which essentially has similar ingredients and skin-rejuvenating effects, including SPF factors. Although I've never used a BB cream, I don't think it's something I will run to the nearest department or drug store for. I'd probably just go the cosmetics counter and ask for a sample! LOL Well, ladies, this is just one of those products you will have to try out for yourself in order to comment on it. Below are some of the top selling BB creams.

Of course there are tons more brands out there, but these were voted best by national beauty editors whose jobs is to be hypercritical on anything beauty related. So if these BB creams have their stamp of approval and honest critiques, they must be pretty good. Try 'em out!

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