Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My trip back HOME to Kenya has been nothing but great.. I just wanted to share with you all my life thus far..

I took a quick trip to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to see my family there. Loved spending time with them, ate GREAT, and enjoyed my time at the beach.. simply amazing.

I was so worried about leaving my friends in the States and coming here and being "friendless". But, I've met some pretty cool people. They took me right in and made me feel right at home. I miss my best friends everyday, but I've been blessed with my new pals!

Can't lie on how good I've been eating, considering how I'm slimming down. Kenya has some great spots to dine! My favorite is "Artcaffe" where I get all my cravings for American food satisfied at. The bbq in Dar es Salaam is to die for and the Swahili food I get is all AUTHENTIC! Yummy!

My style has been on display! Of course I have no choice but to leave my MYLM STAMP everywhere I go. From leather pants, to peplum tops, and high-low dresses..I've been even more comfortable in my skin.

Coming to Kenya has been great to me. I feel so much happier, even though I get homesick and miss my life in America, my journey is doing me some good.

I'm always uploading when I can't pull out the NIKON so keep up with me and follow me on IG: sofarvon :)


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