Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion News: StyleLiner: Boutique on Wheels

What do you get when you have a 20-foot potato chip truck, loads of luxurious accessories from around the globe, and a genius, trendy 29-year-old entrepreneur? The StyleLiner, "the world's first treasure chest on wheels!"

Joey Wolffer, creator of The StyleLiner and former Nine West jewelry designer, wanted to take her talents and love of fashion to the next level and did so by creating a mobile shopping experience like no other. Wolffer's style gallery offers her handpicked, one-of-a kind pieces from which she brings back from her worldly travels.

The StyleLiner concept is genius--nothing like it has been introduced and it surely includes all the bells and whistles, er, necklaces and belts that make up any chic boutique...it's just on wheels! The truck was revamped into a mobile shopping paradise complete with mannequins, shelves, and fun painting and artwork on the walls. Beware, the pieces showcased are unique and in limited supply, so if you love it, grab it --because it probably won't be there again. Your new accessories will have heads turning and definitely get people asking where you purchase them from.
Even better news? From May 4-June 17, the truck will  be calling M Street and Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown it's temporary residence. You can shop your heart out Thursday-Sunday from 11am-7pm!

StyleLiner will also be doing a Spring/Summer tour in The Hamptons in New York in July and August.

Can't wait to stop by!

Source: The StyleLiner
Source: Washingtonian

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