Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sketch Lounge at VeraCruz Gallery

Hey I've been on my mission to scope out some of D.C.'s trendiest underground nightlife events and happenings. I recently attended the first edition of Sketch Lounge, a new underground art gathering where local artists and those within the creative community showcase their artistic talents and network amongst some of the underground DC art community.

Sitting atop Duffy's Irish Bar and Restaurant on Vermont Ave NW, Vera Cruz art gallery is a small art loft dedicated to interior murals and local artwork displays. The concept is simple: artists are invited to create art on a small scale--using paints, markers, various mediums for collages, and pencils. Tables are provided for the artists, who then display their artwork on billboards. See something you like or want?? No problem, artists are up for selling their creations as well!
Nate Lewis, owner of Somaphony andcreator of Sketch Lounge, says he wants to expand his Sketch Lounge series, possible moving it to another, bigger venue. He's confident it will gain more buzz within the community. Love his confidence!

Express yourself!

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  1. Hi Miranda! I finally found your blog-- it's AWESOME and I have officially bookmarked it up. Now need to look into Vera Cruz's next open sketch, and perhaps other places that have similar events. It was so chill. See you! Kaitlyn Hay